About Us

Future: Made in Europe

Violettes Bild mit den 12 EU Sternen. Einer der Sterne ist jedoch das Schweizer Kreuz

We are the first pan-European party active in over 31 countries. Together with people from all over Europe, we are rethinking politics, because the challenges of our time can no longer be overcome through national solutions alone.

Our credo: fact-based, pragmatic and progressive. With a strong vision of a united, democratic and federal Europe, we inspire people to rethink politics.

Our European party program is our compass. We are committed to achieving this vision at national, regional and local levels.

Switzerland plays a key role in this. We want to transfer various elements of direct democracy to the EU and reform it from the ground up. Conversely, we also want to bring European best practices to Switzerland.

Together we are shaping the future of Europe

Blaues Grenzschild mit den EU Sternen, das an EU-Aussengrenzen steht
  • A united Europe: We overcome borders and strengthen cooperation between European countries.

  • A democratic Europe: We give citizens more say and responsibility.

  • A federal Europe: We are creating a Europe based on the pillars of subsidiarity and solidarity.

  • A strong Europe: We represent Europe's interests in the world and actively shape global politics.

2017: The start of a European movement

Bild der drei Volt Gründer:innen

The Brexit referendum and rising populism are motivating three Europeans to stop standing idly by.

The Italian Andrea Venzon, the French Colombe Cahen-Salvador and the German Damian Boeselager co-founded the Volt movement on March 29, 2017 to shape new politics with a cross-border approach.

Today, Volt has over 30,000 members in over 31 countries, with over 150 representatives in various parliaments.

2019: Volt Switzerland is founded

Bild eines Meet & Greets in Basel aus 2019 mit fünf Personen, die an einem Tisch mit mehreren Biergläsern sitzen

After a few pro-Europeans met again and again, Volt Switzerland was officially founded as a party in October 2019.

A lot has happened since then: As a party, we are now actively participating in the political discourse in Switzerland and are working on a first initiative project to write Europe into the Swiss constitution. We also take part in quarterly votes, help collect signatures and run in city elections.

However, all of this is just the beginning. Together we want to change Switzerland and Europe.